Free Night Free Night

I'll find that green fairy one day... Finally we got a free night. And you can't imagine how good that sounds after having been on ...

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5:17 PM

Dream Come True...Well, Sorta Dream Come True...Well, Sorta

I sang at the karaoke bar the other night. It's something I've been wanting to do for years. One of those love-it-but-hate-it things...

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8:21 AM

Banana Leaf Wood Banana Leaf Wood

It came to me during lunch. The brilliant idea that will make me rich. It all started when my daddy decides to make me try and figure out fr...

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9:00 AM

It Starts... It Starts...

So yeah...I did it. I'm part of the freaky bloggers society. It was my golden birthday gift to me, from me. Oh I'm so happy...(Llama...

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3:44 PM