The Story Of Greedy And Pok-Pok The Story Of Greedy And Pok-Pok

Yes well, we have two new pets, their names are Greedy and Pok-Pok...and, well, they're chickens. Or better yet, we had two new pets, u...

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2:20 AM

Adventures! Adventures!

Well, Ozie went training today (mind you, she's a very talented gymnast, but that's not my point). And well, of course, when it'...

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11:42 AM

Thoughts Thoughts

When your head and your heart are pulling in two opposite directions so furiously they are ripping your soul apart, which way do you follow?...

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8:41 AM

Updatessssss... Updatessssss...

Yeah, I haven't been blogging for lack of interesting happenings. I can promise though, that in Febuary some fun things will start app...

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10:27 AM