Each lady wants to look gorgeous but few women is aware of that just a set of various colored clothing does not give one a best view.

Clothes should be selected properly taking into concerns lots of factors, such as style, color, size, detailing, etc.
 On the other hand, one should know that there are so-called wardrobe staples, pieces every lady must have to be able to fashion the most ideal image.

These are generally dark-toned products designed to provide a classical look.

The list of must-haves includes:
Two pairs of darkish jeans – either dark-colored, black, brown or navy blue. Opt for a sleek cut in a wool crepe or a year-round natural cotton. One pair of darkish jeans should go well for outfit use like evening wear.

Two pairs of jeans – reserved-toned. One pair should be hemmed for heels and the other – for flats.
Three skirts – an A-line skirt which works for all body types, a pencil skirt and a skirt in a natural fabric and color to mix and match ith others products like tweed, wool or boucle.

Shirts - a white button front shirt and a few shirts of muted shades.

Three sweaters – opt for a light and portable, merino or cashmere material. One sweater should be black and fit with your black jeans preferably.
The second one needs to be more natural like off-white, camel or myope. And the third sweater must be the one you like much and feel comfortable in. It has to be plain and good-looking both with jeans and a skirt.

Two Jackets – one is for office wear – a designed coat that looks nice with your black pants; and another is just a excellent leather jacket.

Dress – the only thing you require here is a little black outfits that can provide a excellent go to everything well along with the outfit.
 Three Handbags – a regular traditional leather bag which suits entirely everything, a big case bag for huge things, and a wonderful clutch for the everything.
5 pairs of footwear - a pair of black pumps with a typical high heel in a the traditional or current style, a couple of night time footwear made in black silk or suede with a closedt toe, a pair of shoes, high black boots for stormy or snowy climate with regards to the environment.

Having all these in your wardrobe collection means you can always look excellent by mixing them with each other and including other appropriate designs as well.


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