Nail Color Trends - It is wisely said that “Beauty” is the real ornament of a woman. Trying attractive colors on your nails is a good way to demonstrate your attention towards beauty. In year 2013, various nail color trends have been introduced. 

The tricks and methods you used to apply these colors on your nail have the same importance as that of the selection of colors. You can create and design your own nail by taking one of the nail color trends discussed below. 

If you are among those who admire dark colors then for sure you would love to apply grey or fleet colors. Along with these two, you can also try dark mauve, black, indigo or brown colors if you are striving to append modishness and elegance on your nails. In case of nail color 2013 year has been flooded with the usage of gold or silver colors. Ordinary nails look shiny and glistening after spreading few pots of gold or silver color. Also, it would look luminous if you use the mixture of two separate colors.


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