I don't have the biggest closet in the world, so I like to create extra space in my closet through interesting ideas to store my beloved items! I have quite a realistic closet, I don't find it always necessary to colour code my shoes and clothes in such a fast paced world. However It always makes me happy when everything is neatly packed away and kind of reminds me of a clothing store! 

For the top part of my closet I like to keep my lighter coloured clothes on white hangers and my darker clothes on black hangers. This makes it easier for me to find pieces of clothing when i'm having a rushed morning. More importantly it looks visually appealing to the eye and keeps your light and darks organised!

I keep the shorter items of clothing towards the centre of my closet so they won't clash to much with my shoes, and allows me to see my shoe collection clearer.

I have a lot of shoes for such a small shelf, so on the top I place my heels in a diagonal position to create space for all of them to fit in. On the bottom two shelves I place my smaller heels front to back to save even more space!

I don't colour code my skirts, but I do like to hang them in according to their length. This gives me more room in the centre of my closet so it's creates a more open and less cluttered space. 

In this part of my closet I keep my jackets, formal heels, accessories and makeup storage. The shelves are a great way to store smaller items that can't be hung up. 

I like to store my necklaces on removable wall hangers to keep them from getting damaged and to save a bit more space. Im obsessed with this feature in my closest as it reminds me a bit of a jewellery store!

Folding your jeans and shorts as opposed to hanging them is a great way to save space for a smaller closet. You'll find a lot of smaller boutiques do this to save space in they're shop. 

I also like to hang my belts to save space and to prevent them from being crushed and distorted. 

I have reserved a shelf on the top to keep my clutches and smaller bags. I keep them on the top shelf because I don't need to use these bags everyday, but I still want to keep them on display in my closet, because they're just to cute to hide away!

I stack my bracelets on a paper roll to keep them organised and looking cute! At the back i have folded my scarves and keep my hair accessories and sunglasses on this shelf.


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