If you desire to look fashionable and want to find out clothes that flatters your figure, it is always essential to focus on your body type. There are basically five categories of body shape including pear, wedge, hourglass, rectangle and apple. So, once you have understood your body shape, you can always pick the right apparel that accentuates your figure. Following, are some of the essential tips that will help you to determine the perfect apparel according to your body shape:

1. Rectangular body Shape - If you have a straight figure with lesser curves, you definitely have a rectangular body type.

Assets - The best assets for such body type are collarbones, legs and arms. Thus, the perfect dress should help to flaunt your great looking legs and arms.

Apparel - The most suitable dress should add great glamour and style to your figure. For this, you can try wearing layered dresses. This will create an illusion of a fuller figure. Try wearing necklines that effectively highlights your collarbones. It is also essential to wear the perfect bras such that it gives shape to your busts and allows it to appear more fuller.

2. Wedge Body Shape - If you have broader shoulders and your figure slightly narrows at the bottom, then you have a wedge body shape. Numerous super models and actresses have wedge shaped figure.

Assets - The best assets of such a body type are legs.

Apparel - Choose colors that highlights your lower body. You can try wearing high waist lines and tops that cover your shoulders. In fact, it is more important to draw attention to the waistline. This will create a visual illusion of a perfect body.

3. Pear Shaped Body - This is one of the most common body shapes among-st women. In such a body shape, hips are generally broader than the shoulders. In fact, the lower body is better rounded and curvy.

Assets - Shoulders and flat stomach are the best assets for such body type.

Apparel - long flowing skirts will make you look much taller and give a slimmer effect to your figure. Skirts that have flared bottoms also look excellent. Horizontal necklines also looks great on pear shaped figure.

4. Hourglass Shaped Body - Hourglass is considered as one of the perfect figures that a woman desires. This is one of the well proportioned shapes that indeed looks excellent.

Assets - Curves are indeed the best assets for such body type.

Apparel- Try wearing apparels that accentuates your curves. In fact, it is always advisable to stay away from baggy and misfit clothes. Rather, you can wear a well fitted dress that gives a perfect shape to your figure. In addition, women with such body type can also experiment with varied colors and shades.

5. Apple Shaped Body - Individuals with apple shaped body have most of the weight accumulated on the upper body. Thus, it is always advisable to wear long skirts that gives you an enhanced shape. Single colored dresses looks excellent. In fact, it is also advisable to choose light fabrics that gives you a more slimmer and accentuated appearance.

So, dress according to your figure and enhance your personality!


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