Body odor and underarm odor is a common problem amongst individuals across the world. But, repulsive odor can cause great embarrassment. Here, are a few simple steps which can help you to deal with this offensive problem:

1. Daily shower- People who suffer from the problem of body odor needs to take a daily shower. It is also essential to use either a herbal body wash or a well perfumed body wash. After shower, it is crucial to rub the underarm with a towel. This will effectively remove the extra moisture.

2. Wear clean clothes- In order to remain fresh, it is always essential to wear clean clothes. Thus, wash your clothes regularly. This kills the germs and also reduces the bad odor.

3. Drink water- Plenty of water reduces the body odor. So, it is always advisable to drink plenty of water regularly.

4. Diet- People with strong and repulsive body odor should avoid food rich in oil content. Rather, it is always preferable to eat green leafy vegetables. Strong smelling foods like garlic and onion are a strict no. A healthy lifestyle like exercise and healthy diet is also an effective solution for bad body odor.

5. Vinegar- If the problem of bad body odor persists, you can also try rubbing vinegar before shower. This will control the bacterial infection and thus save you from bad body odor.

6. Clothes- It is always better to wear loose fitted clothes. This will reduce the sweat and automatically lessen the body odor.


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