There are many factors that contribute to the overall appeal of a hotel, factors such as star rating, interior comfort, exterior appearance, location and uniqueness, and while each of these factors are quite important in their own way, uniqueness is the one element that has the potential to make a true difference. Hotels play a huge role in our holidays because they basically represent our homes for the duration of our trips, and even though sightseeing, dining and shopping can be quite entertaining and appealing, spending a night at a superb hotel can be a very rewarding experience in itself. Below you will find a list containing 10 original and remarkable hotels around the world, each featuring something unique that sets them apart from all others.

Hotel Antumala, Chile

If it’s quality and comfort that you’re looking for, then you should undoubtedly spend a night at Hotel Antumala in Chile. Nestled in the middle of a lush, green environment and flanked by a glistening body of water, this remarkable establishment stands ready to ensure memorable vacations and unforgettable times. Accommodations are varied and are able to cater to a wide range of tastes. The main room categories involve double matrimonials, double twins, a suite and a family suite, but there’s also a lake chalet, a royal chalet and a forest chalet available for those who would settle for nothing less than extravagance.

Marrakech Hotel, Morocco

Marrakech is definitely a perfect place to visit if you are planning to enjoy a romantic vacation. Featuring a stunning mix of man-made and natural beauty, this heaven on Earth would meet and surpass all of your expectations, as would the colorful and luxurious Marrakech Hotel. This establishment impresses with plush rooms that abound with amenities and impressive décor elements. Once you step foot inside the Marrakech Hotel, you’ll never want to leave.

Saguaro Hotel, California, USA

California is famous for its vibrant lifestyle, and even though it boasts with an endless array of hotels, we’re here to suggest the Saguaro Hotel that can be found in Palm Springs. The hotel distinguishes itself from the rest through a unique design based on Technicolor elements that remind of the 1950s. Aside from its large swimming pool, generous balconies and gorgeous rooms, Saguaro Hotel is also famous for its delicious cuisine.

Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore

Even though there are plenty of hotels that feature distasteful themed rooms around the world, the Wanderlust Hotel in Singapore is not one of them. As a matter of fact, its rooms flaunt tasteful décor elements as well as comfortable living arrangements and impressive views. Highlights include 10 Pantone rooms that feature “capsule-like” designs as well as 9 Whimsical rooms that boast various themes based on outer space, nature or luxury-inspired motifs.

W Retreat & Spa, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s W Retreat & Spa impresses with luxurious living arrangements and a multitude of available activities that would keep you active and entertained during your stay. These activities include horseback riding, hiking, working out at the fitness center or enjoying delicious meals at the resort’s high-end restaurants. Rooms are placed conveniently in close proximity to gardens or fronting the endless ocean in order to ensure the most picturesque views possible.


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