Normally, you would think twice before deciding to take a vacation at latitude 68°N. For those of you who are not familiar with latitude coordinates, you should know that that value is well above the Arctic Circle. That, in turn, translates to freezing temperatures, which are usually not considered ideal for family vacations.

However, there is one really intriguing exception to that. The stunningly beautiful Lofoten archipelago is located so high on the map that winter should be experienced at around -40°F (-40°C). Very surprisingly, though, the coldest months of the year often boast temperatures above 32°F (0°C). Summer can even pamper locals and visitors with warm, 73.5°F (23°C) days.

Lofoten flaunts one of the world’s largest temperature anomalies in relation to its geographic position. And this is only one reason to visit the place. Even more importantly, the archipelago is an incredibly beautiful place on Earth. It is definitely one of the most spectacular places in Norway with steep peaks that seem to pop up directly from the water.

The rugged coast holds lovely small fishing villages tucked cozily in fjords. Norway is excellent at keeping traditions and local identity almost intact, while also enjoying intense touristic activity. The local authorities are experts at establishing a healthy balance between tourism and tradition, which only makes everything even more interesting.


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