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The house went on to become a symbol of uptown elegance in the 1980s. But it went through hard times financially and the house was sold. Mr. Scherrer, who had stayed on as artistic director, was dismissed in 1992. The fashion house closed in 2008. From puffy sleeves to high-waisted denim, the fashion trends of the '80s definitely seemed cool at the time. But now? Not so much. In fact, when we look back at photos of us in the '80s (in all their hairspray-soaked glory), we sometimes wish we could Fashion fundraisers: The students hope to raise £1000 on the night of the fashion show. For many fashionistas, the 1980s are a blip in fashion’s long and glamorous timeline, full of shoulder pads, costume jewellery and a bouffant of backcombing that In her Tuesday column about all things stylish and British, Sarah Mower welcomes the resurgence of New Wave/Blitz-era fashion that’s crop-topping up on the streets of London. Just when you thought you’d heard it all about punk—quick as a flash Infatuation with 1960s style has had the fashion community all aglow for a while now s suits and oversized shoulder pads with pieces inspired by jewelry worn on the 1980s prime-time TV soap opera. The collection includes simulants of diamonds, rubies The stylish New Wave pairing of the Go-Go’s and B-52s may have been inevitable. Each band made party music in the early 1980s, when the Go-Go’s brought girl power to MTV and the B-52s entertained the underground. Go-Go’s guitarist .

So yesterday morning the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana - Italy's ruling fashion quango Bertelli (Mr Prada), and Diego Della Valle (of Tod's), the Camera's very long-standing President Mario Boselli said: "I'm sure that we will be able to By the 1980s, The Plain Dealer had stopped running one-column photographs of brides. Instead the paper focused on features designed to inform and aid wedding planning. Models were hired for elaborate photo shoots that put local clothing stores and their This summer, cool off at Calhoun, Georgia’s restored GEM Theatre Concert tickets are $15 and concert plus breakfast is $30. The next night, July 13, see “The Breakfast Club” movie at the GEM for $5. “Field of Dreams” takes the AMSTERDAM.-During this Summer, Foam, exhibits an exclusive selection of images of David Bowie made by the late legendary fashion photographer Brian Duffy. Between 1972 and 1980 Duffy worked with Bowie on five photographic projects, including three of his .


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1980 fashion

The Nostalgia For The 80s In 09 Autumn And Winter

1980 fashion

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1980 fashion

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1980 fashion

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