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Kenyatta Jones is putting her best fashion foot forward — in 6-inch stilettos — on the new WE tv series, “House of Curves,” as she works on making her plus-size designs notable in the skinny world of fashion. “I dress the woman that I London, Jun 19 (PTI) "Factory Girl" star Sienna Miller thinks she will always be associated with the hippy look because of her down-to-earth personality. Despite favouring a more ladylike look nowadays, the 31-year-old actress believes people still I’ve never been fashion savvy. I blame it on my Mennonite upbringing, where frugal fashion ruled. Home­made dresses, hand-me-downs and out-of-style garage sale finds filled my childhood closet. Trying to connect fashion with biblical Even if you could squeeze into a skin-tight, yellow-sequinned this is something you're born with and something that only goes away once you embrace your inner you. Me, I was definitely born with it. The only childhood wardrobe item I recall with "I like color and little things to look at all the time" -- Betsey Johnson Betsey Johnson is adorable. The flamboyant fashion queen appeared at Dillard’s in Lakeside mall Saturday (June 22), to the delight of hundreds of fans that packed the ground floor Maria Sharapova wants to start her own fashion and beauty lines. The tennis pro has just launched her debut sweets range called Sugarpova for department store Selfridges, and hopes to expand the brand in the future by branching out into the fashion world. .

In “My Big Fat Greek Wedding the Web for the perfect dress. We compared fabric, cut and color for weeks, but we still had bupkis. I started plunking random terms into Google: “Modern Orthodox bridesmaids dresses” and “Jewish bridesmaid If it's welly weather, wear the right socks (longer than your boots, to avoid calf chafing). I favour dresses, shorts and skirts rather than jeans at festivals, paired with long socks. It looks cuter, and if it's muddy all you have to do is Going on holiday is always something to look forward to, especially if you're going abroad getting out in the sun with your nearest and dearest and partying the nights away is absolute perfection for me. However, there is ALWAYS one bugbear that I dread The pages are so colorful and full of style that it is easy to forget it is about just one woman. "My style is eclectic, I'm such a chameleon," Minogue told us. "It is a real pleasure to go around and wear different designers and styles. I get an extra .


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my fashion

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my fashion

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my fashion

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