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Native American Indian jewelry has become a fashion staple for many entertainment stars around the globe. While these traditional pieces have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, men and women have been adorning themselves in Native American jewelry Contemporary art and fashion hit a certain sweet spot in the market—think of them as the peanut butter and Nutella of the style world. But usually these collaborations cost almost as much as the art itself. (Witness Jimmy Choo's luxe Rob Pruitt heels and This season on Mad Men, we’ve seen groovier patterns, stranger facial hair, and a brighter color palette. This is no longer the Sterling Cooper of Season 1 with its darkened halls and muted suits. Costume designer Janie Bryant’s suit, dress But a new survey confirms what many plus-size women already know: While plus-size clothing is (relatively) plentiful online, it can be nearly impossible to find in stores. Online retailer ModCloth surveyed over 5,000 American women of mixed After so many egregious misappropriations of Native American culture by fashion brands (“Navajo” T-shirts at Urban Outfitters and feather headdresses on the runway at Victoria’s Secret), it was interesting to see this come across my email. The Narciso Rodriguez tied the knot with longtime boyfriend Thomas Tolan over the weekend, celebrating his nuptials with the ad executive in New York City. Rodriguez is famous for designing the wedding gown Carolyn Bessette wore for her .

Thousands of Senegalese, who don't necessarily work in fashion, were vocal about their opinions "The people here already have their own style — urban, a mix of American and French," he said. "But now they will see what's going on in the rest of She added that they "all wear the same thing." As for the Brits, they have "boring" clothes, the iconic fashion brand founder turned consultant, commented. She then made a more general criticism of the ladies' taste in clothes, this time The color palette recalled stormy sea colors — gray to teal to black — and sunsets — yellow to terracotta to earthy brown and black. The Calvin Klein man for next summer keeps men in their comfort zone, with a solid focus on basics in reassuring blues. cantik ed never looked like this. But viewing Helmut Newton’s body of work is certainly an education. The influential fashion photographer was a reference in several shows from American designers this past spring season, including Jason Wu and BCBG, but .


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american fashion

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american fashion


american fashion

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american fashion

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