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Prada, Tod’s and more than a dozen Italian luxury goods makers have pledged to work together to promote Milan Fashion Week amid concern it is losing out to New York, London and Paris. “The name of the game is unity,” Ermenegildo Zegna, chief He believes that his competitive advantage lays in the quality of his company’s products, which are of top notch and, of international standard. For those interested in starting a business in the fashion industry, Akindele said there are abundant in the fashion industry and beyond. WATCH BELOW: Full Documentary "There She Is" Related on HuffPost: In an effort to bring uniformity and much needed structure to the Namibian fashion industry, a fashion council is soon to be established. A group of fashion designers and industry related specialists have come together to make the establishment a reality. They're models — part of Dominguez' latest art installation, Fashion Victims, meant to conjure images of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Bangladesh. "The real fashion victims are not celebrities, but anonymous workers in poor Alexa Chung is a total trendsetter -- she was already wearing overalls back in October, for crying out loud -- so it's hard to imagine a time when the style icon had to compromise her integrity to impress fashion industry insiders. In an .

All the recent fashion industry movement may have something to do with the level of satisfaction people have in their jobs. According to the 2013 Salary and Job Market Report from 24 Seven, a New York-based talent recruitment firm, many of us in the A new study by New York-based talent firm 24 Seven shows that fashion industry employees are increasingly unhappy with their jobs. You know the story: A starry-eyed kid comes to New York with dreams of working in fashion, finally gets a job (probably Underlining the lack of job satisfaction in the fashion industry, a new study has found that more than half of workers in the industry are dissatisfied with their jobs More than 1,300 workers in different disciplines with various degrees of This strategic plan will support Dubai’s and the wider region’s design and fashion industry as it seeks to match the emirate’s economic growth with a wider appreciation and understanding of culturally relevant fashions. Dubai Fashion 2020 is expected .


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fashion industry

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fashion industry

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fashion industry

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fashion industry



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