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Tampa, Florida - Can you tell high fashion from bargain basement? Can you spot the difference between a $200 outfit and a $10 outfit? WTSP put it to the test on the streets of Tampa. The WTSP team hit the stores with Fashion Consultant Kelly Machbitz. “It’s like, these gorgeous gowns,” she said of the new shoot. “I actually wore one of the gowns from my clothing line, so hopefully that will be in there too. It was just a very different shoot from what I've done. I actually loved it. I was And, unlike older designs that played around with corporate logos, the more recent crop of parodies have steered away from the mass market in favor of recontextualizing luxury brands stay away from some fashion houses that we feel are “I belong here, but I’m not trying to shout it out.” In the latest issue of PAPER, R&B crooner of the moment Miguel says he felt like the new kid on the block at this year’s Met Gala, but he’s well on the way to being a fixture in pop culture. Pair your denim with a crop-top (Picture: Miss Selfridge) As a perfect addition to any high-waisted jeans, denim shorts or dungarees, crop tops are favoured by many festival goers. The high street has plenty to offer with styles such as t-shirts You always hear that old saying “fake it till you make it.” It means if you want to make the big bucks some day, you have to dress like you eat aged prime rib and lobster for dinner every night. That’s hard to do when you’re actually .

[by Joy Kim] CL made successful solo debut with her new song ‘The Baddest Female’ and adding on to her career, she released new fierce fashion pictorial with the Vogue magazine. According to the staff on scene, the main concept of the pictorial was Daft Punk is back and you don’t really have to look too far to see what they’ve been working on. The duo’s new album Random Access Memories has already set some records, and it hasn’t been even a month since its release. Liner notes also show that Now that she’s no longer sharing Twitter beef with Amanda Bynes, inadvertently giving people herpes and hating on the sight of her own face, Rihanna’s got a bit of free time on her hands. So what better way to celebrate than in Paris? In the company of It was only a matter of time before both reached for the same high-fashion look. What they wore: A black-and-white Balmain Spring 2013 ensemble with a white cropped halter top and baggy, high-waisted leather pants. [Related: Fashion Faceoff: Heidi Klum vs. .


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high fashion

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high fashion

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high fashion

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