Men do not pay as much interest to their looks as in comparison to women but that does not mean they cannot be as well groomed.

You may not have the time to keep yourself up-to-date with the newest styles or maybe even care to store regularly. For men like you, who like to keep it fashionable without having to put additional initiatives often, here is a fast way of getting an instant makeover for those times you say to yourself ‘it’s been a while!

Get a hair style and trim
The fastest way to transform from a hippie to a well-groomed man is by getting that much required haircut. A trim always helps to make you look clean. Shaving off your beard or cutting it according to your style helps a lot to begin off your immediate makeover.

Iron your best-fitted shirt and trousers
Choose your favorite pair of pants that suits you well and a crisp shirt. This mishmash will never go out of fashion, so, you know you are assured to look your best with that nice hairstyle and well-ironed shirt.

Choose Your Accessories Well
The next phase is to surf through your clothing collection and select on a set of smart accessories to go with your clothing. For a official look, opt for a classic watch and a skinny tie. Go the fashionable way by dressed in a vest over your shirt with or without the tie. A day look would be to put a simple hat on or sunglasses that suit your face. When you have all these add-ons lying around in your clothing collection, all you require to do is select of the right ones to go with your look.

Wear polished shoes
It is very essential to concentrate on every aspect of your outfit, from head to toe. Wear shoes that are refined and clean. It requires only a few moments to clean your shoes by using a hard brush or wet cloth, based on the shoe fabric.

Scrub your face
There is no issue in wearing clean outfits if your face does not feel clean. Facial scrubs are not just for women. Use a good scrub on your face to eliminate the dead cells but do not rub too hard as it can harm your skin. Wash your face with cool water and you are sure to see the variation in the mirror.

Bad Breath? Bad Idea
Make sure you wear some perfume in way possible. Now that does not mean showering in your perfume. Fresh breathing is also an overall requirement. Make sure your breathing smells fresh and minty which, in turn will cause you to feel all the more with confidence groomed.


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